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Hi, my name is Shauna Deines.  In my personal life, I am a huge Broncos fan who loves to travel and play Candy Crush. I enjoy playing volleyball, hiking, and going for long drives but hate doing the dishes. I also like to watch movies and I sing and dance when no one is watching. 

In my professional life, I am a photographer, UI designer, web designer, and freelance graphic designer.  As a photographer, I specialize in portrait photography and photo editing. As a UI designer and web designer, I design native apps, web apps, and websites. As a graphic designer, I design everything from photo books, collages, and magazine covers to logos, flyers, posters, and infographics. 

With a life-long love of photography, I have an artistic eye that creates beautiful and stunning images. With over ten years of experience in design, I can give your photo books, collages, apps, and websites a unique and creative edge.  

I will work with you on a personal level to ensure that your designs and photography are tailored to your requirements. I strive to make each and every design as unique as the individual ordering it.

For samples and more information on my UI designs and graphic designs please click on the link below.

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